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Raven Prestige FX Kit

Second hand Raven Prestige RX 25"Red RH....






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Viewing Raven Prestige FX Kit

Saturday 19th, October



Full Description :

Second hand Raven Prestige RX 25"Red RH.This handle is in great condition it comes with 68"@ 32lbs SF Premium Carbon Limbs FF string,Shibuya Pink DX button,Beiter Long Rod Centralizer 37",10" Beiter Side Rods,V Bar 90 x 17,1"1/4 Extender Pin,Shibuya Ultima RC Sight in pink,Soma Saker II small tab Shoq chest guard,AAE fingersling,Cartel BowStand, Soma Backpack,Easton Flipside Pink Quiver,Warm Up Band,Bracing Tool,all hardly used.This is a great opportunity to upgrade your existing kit with some of the the best components available notably the Shibuya Ultima RC sight.The Raven handle is very similar to the Samick Vision anodized version of a few years ago.Nearly a 1000.00 Euros worth of gear there.








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